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Pre-Image Journal directory.


[config]    pijdir=n


The value n is the name of the directory in which to store the Caché Pre-Image Journal (PIJ) file for clusters. This setting applies only to Caché instances that support clusters.

There is no default directory; you must enter a valid, existing directory name for this setting or the system you are configuring is unable to join the cluster correctly. Therefore, before starting the first Caché instance in a cluster, create a directory for the PIJ file on a disk that is accessible from all cluster members, and specify this directory as the PIJ Directory in the Caché configuration for each cluster member. If the Caché instance that you are configuring will not be a Caché cluster member, you may omit a value for the pijdir parameter.



Range of Values

If provided, n must be a valid, existing directory path.

Management Portal

On the page System Administration > Configuration > Database Backup > Cluster Settings, in the pijdir row, select Edit. Enter a directory name.

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