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CSPBind Attributes

Attribute Description Value
CSPBIND The name of a CSP:OBJECT tag to which this form is bound. A string.
CSPEVENT The type of call to be used for HyperEvents: server (default) or call. “server”, or “call”.
CSPJS Specifies which Javascript code is to be generated. Possibilities are All (default, new and save buttons and validation code), Validate (validation code only), None (No Javascript). “All”, “Validate”, or “None”.

Core Attributes

Attribute Description Value
CLASS Space-separated list of classes. A string.
ID Unique identifier. A string.
STYLE Associated style info. A string.
TITLE Advisory title. A string.

Event Attributes

Attribute Description Value
ONCLICK A pointer button was clicked. JavaScript code.
ONDBLCLICK A pointer button was double clicked. JavaScript code.
ONKEYDOWN A key was pressed down. JavaScript code.
ONKEYPRESS A key was pressed and released. JavaScript code.
ONKEYUP A key was released. JavaScript code.
ONMOUSEDOWN A pointer button was pressed down. JavaScript code.
ONMOUSEMOVE A pointer was moved within. JavaScript code.
ONMOUSEOUT A pointer was moved away. JavaScript code.
ONMOUSEOVER A pointer was moved onto. JavaScript code.
ONMOUSEUP A pointer button was released. JavaScript code.
ONRESET The form was reset JavaScript code.
ONSUBMIT The form was submitted JavaScript code.

General Attributes

Attribute Description Value
ACCEPT List of MIME types for file upload A string.
ACCEPT-CHARSET List of supported charsets A string.
ACTION Server-side form handler A URI.
ENCTYPE Data encoding scheme “application/x-www-form-urlencoded”, or “multipart/form-d”.
METHOD HTTP method used to submit the form “GET”, or “POST”.
NAME Name of form for scripting A string.
TARGET Render in this frame A string.

Lang Attributes

Attribute Description Value
DIR Direction for weak/neutral text. “ltr”, or “rtl”.
LANG Language code. A string.


An HTML FORM tag that may contain a CSPBIND attribute to represent a data-bound form. This tag with CSPBIND will automatically generate save, search, and validation functionality for the form.

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