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This is documentation for Caché & Ensemble. See the InterSystems IRIS version of this content.

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image tag




CSPBind Attributes

Attribute Description Value
CSPBIND The name of the object property to be bound. A string.
CSPCAPTION Name to use for property in error messages. A string.
CSPNOTRIM If present, do not blank trim object values. No value: enabled if attribute is present.
CSPREQUIRED If present, indicates that a value must be supplied. No value: enabled if attribute is present.
CSPVALID Client-side JavaScript code to run to validate the element's contents. A string.
DELIMITER Delimiter to use between elements of a list. A string.

Core Attributes

Attribute Description Value
CLASS Space-separated list of classes. A string.
ID Unique identifier. A string.
STYLE Associated style info. A string.
TITLE Advisory title. A string.

Event Attributes

Attribute Description Value
ONCLICK A pointer button was clicked. JavaScript code.
ONDBLCLICK A pointer button was double clicked. JavaScript code.
ONKEYDOWN A key was pressed down. JavaScript code.
ONKEYPRESS A key was pressed and released. JavaScript code.
ONKEYUP A key was released. JavaScript code.
ONMOUSEDOWN A pointer button was pressed down. JavaScript code.
ONMOUSEMOVE A pointer was moved within. JavaScript code.
ONMOUSEOUT A pointer was moved away. JavaScript code.
ONMOUSEOVER A pointer was moved onto. JavaScript code.
ONMOUSEUP A pointer button was released. JavaScript code.

General Attributes

Attribute Description Value
ALIGN Alignment “top”, “middle”, “bottom”, “left”, or “right”.
BORDER Link border width A numeric value.
HEIGHT Override height A numeric value.
HSPACE Horizontal gutter A numeric value.
ISMAP Use server-side image map No value: enabled if attribute is present.
LONGDESC Link to long description A URI.
NAME Name of image A string.
SRC For fields with images A URI.
USEMAP Use client-side image map A URI.
VSPACE Vertical gutter A numeric value.
WIDTH Override width A numeric value.

Lang Attributes

Attribute Description Value
DIR Direction for weak/neutral text. “ltr”, or “rtl”.
LANG Language code. A string.

Other Attributes

Attribute Description Value
ALT Short description A string.


image tag