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CSPBind Attributes

Attribute Description Value
CLASSNAME The class from which values will be obtained to fill a select list. String.
CSPBIND The name of the object property to be bound. String.
CSPCAPTION Name to use for property in error messages. String.
CSPNOTRIM If present, do not blank trim object values. No value: enabled if attribute is present.
CSPREQUIRED If present, indicates that a value must be supplied. No value: enabled if attribute is present.
CSPVALID Client-side JavaScript code to run to validate the element's contents. String.
DELIMITER Delimiter to use between elements of a list. String.
FIELD The property of the class specified by classname whose values will appear in the select list. String.
MODE Used with CSPBIND and QUERY. Specifies the runtime output mode of the query. Valid values are: DISPLAY, ODBC, LOGICAL and SYSTEM. String.
QUERY The query to be run to fill a select list. Must be present if field or classname is present. String.

Core Attributes

Attribute Description Value
CLASS Space-separated list of classes. String.
ID Unique identifier. String.
STYLE Associated style info. String.
TITLE Advisory title. String.

Event Attributes

Attribute Description Value
ONBLUR The element lost the focus JavaScript code.
ONCHANGE The element value was changed JavaScript code.
ONCLICK A pointer button was clicked. JavaScript code.
ONDBLCLICK A pointer button was double clicked. JavaScript code.
ONFOCUS The element got the focus JavaScript code.
ONKEYDOWN A key was pressed down. JavaScript code.
ONKEYPRESS A key was pressed and released. JavaScript code.
ONKEYUP A key was released. JavaScript code.
ONMOUSEDOWN A pointer button was pressed down. JavaScript code.
ONMOUSEMOVE A pointer was moved within. JavaScript code.
ONMOUSEOUT A pointer was moved away. JavaScript code.
ONMOUSEOVER A pointer was moved onto. JavaScript code.
ONMOUSEUP A pointer button was released. JavaScript code.

General Attributes

Attribute Description Value
DISABLED Unavailable in this context No value: enabled if attribute is present.
MULTIPLE Allow multiple choices No value: enabled if attribute is present.
NAME Submit as part of form String.
SIZE Number of visible rows A numeric value.

Lang Attributes

Attribute Description Value
DIR Direction for weak/neutral text. “ltr”, or “rtl”.
LANG Language code. String.

Other Attributes

Attribute Description Value
TABINDEX Position in tabbing order A numeric value.
DEFAULTTEXT Text to use as default generated for a property that is not required. Text string.


The QUERY attribute associated with a <SELECT CSPBIND> tag creates a %ResultSetOpens in a new tab object based on the specified query that is defined within a Caché class from the CLASSNAME attribute. The %ResultSetOpens in a new tab object is automatically executed (by calling its Execute method using the parameter values given by the various Pn attributes of the tag) and is used to populate the option list from the property given by the FIELD attribute. The first column of the QUERY attribute is used to generate the value attributes for the <OPTION> tags. Make sure ID is the first column if that is how the object is linked.


<select name='DefaultPeerReviewer' cspbind='DefaultPeerReviewer' classname='CCR.Usr' query='UsersByOrg' field='Name' P1="#(activeOrgID)#"></select>

The FIELD attribute can specify 2 fields. Example:

<select name="Spouse" cspbind="Spouse" classname="Sample.Person" query="ByName" field="ID,Name" separator=" -- "></select>
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