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TD Tag




Core Attributes

Attribute Description Value
CLASS Space-separated list of classes. A string.
ID Unique identifier. A string.
STYLE Associated style info. A string.
TITLE Advisory title. A string.

Event Attributes

Attribute Description Value
ONCLICK A pointer button was clicked. JavaScript code.
ONDBLCLICK A pointer button was double clicked. JavaScript code.
ONKEYDOWN A key was pressed down. JavaScript code.
ONKEYPRESS A key was pressed and released. JavaScript code.
ONKEYUP A key was released. JavaScript code.
ONMOUSEDOWN A pointer button was pressed down. JavaScript code.
ONMOUSEMOVE A pointer was moved within. JavaScript code.
ONMOUSEOUT A pointer was moved away. JavaScript code.
ONMOUSEOVER A pointer was moved onto. JavaScript code.
ONMOUSEUP A pointer button was released. JavaScript code.

General Attributes

Attribute Description Value
ALIGN Alignment of row relative to table “left”, “center”, or “right”.
BGCOLOR Background color for cells An HTML color value.
COLSPAN Number of columns spanned by cell A numeric value.
HEIGHT Height of cell A numeric value.
NOWRAP Suppress word wrap No value: enabled if attribute is present.
ROWSPAN Number of rows spanned by cell A numeric value.
VALIGN Vertical alignment of row relative to table “top”, “center”, “bottom”, or “baseline”.
WIDTH Width of cell A numeric value.

Lang Attributes

Attribute Description Value
DIR Direction for weak/neutral text. “ltr”, or “rtl”.
LANG Language code. A string.

Other Attributes

Attribute Description Value
ABBR Abbreviation for header cell A string.
AXIS Comma-separated list of related headers A string.
CHAR Alignment character A string.
CHAROFF Offset for alignment char A numeric value.
HEADERS List of id's for header cells A string.
SCOPE Scope covered by header cells A string.


TD Tag

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