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Index Keywords

This reference describes the keywords that apply to an index, which you can define in persistent classes. These keywords (also known as class attributes) generally affect the compiler.

For general information on index definitions, see “Index Definitions.”

  • Condition – Defines a conditional index and specifies the condition that must be met for a record to be included in the index.
  • Data – Specifies a list of properties whose values are to be stored within this index.
  • Extent – Defines an extent index.
  • IdKey – Specifies whether this index defines the Object Identity values for the table.
  • Internal – Specifies whether this index definition is internal (not displayed in the class documentation).
  • PrimaryKey – Specifies whether this index defines the primary key for the table.
  • SqlName – Specifies an SQL alias for the index.
  • Type – Specifies the type of index.
  • Unique – Specifies whether the index should enforce uniqueness.
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