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A scalar numeric function that returns the base-10 logarithm of a given numeric expression.


{fn LOG10(float-expression)}


Argument Description
float-expression An expression of type FLOAT.


LOG10 returns the base-10 logarithm value of float-expression.LOG10 returns a value of data type FLOAT with a precision of 21 and a scale of 18.

LOG10 can only be used as an ODBC scalar function (with the curly brace syntax).


The following example returns the base-10 logarithm of an integer:

SELECT {fn LOG10(5)} AS Log10

returns .69897000433...

The following Embedded SQL example returns the base-10 logarithm values for the integers 1 through 10:

   SET a=1
   WHILE a<11 {
   &sql(SELECT {fn LOG10(:a)} INTO :b)
   IF SQLCODE'=0 {
     WRITE !,"Error code ",SQLCODE 
     QUIT }
   ELSE {
     WRITE !,"Log-10 of ",a," = ",b
     SET a=a+1 }

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