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A function that returns a globally unique ID.




$TSQL_NEWID returns a globally unique ID (GUID). A GUID is used to synchronize databases on occasionally connected systems. A GUID is a 36-character string consisting of 32 hexadecimal digits separated into five groups by hyphens. Its data type is %Library.UniqueIdentifier.

$TSQL_NEWID is provided in Caché SQL to support Caché Transact-SQL (TSQL). The corresponding TSQL function is NEWID.

The $TSQL_NEWID function takes no arguments. Note that the argument parentheses are required.

The %Library.GUIDOpens in a new tab abstract class provides support for globally unique IDs, including the AssignGUID()Opens in a new tab method, which can be used to assign a globally unique ID to a class.


The following example returns a GUID:


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