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Raises dynamic array delimiters to next level.




dynarray An expression that resolves to a dynamic array.


The RAISE function returns a dynamic array with its delimiters converted to the next higher-level delimiters. For example, @SM subvalue mark delimiters become @VM value mark delimiters. When a delimiter cannot be raised any further, it is returned unchanged. RAISE returns a non-dynamic array value unchanged.

The available levels, in ascending order, are: CHAR(250); @TM (CHAR(251)); @SM (CHAR(252)); @VM (CHAR(253)); @FM (CHAR(254)); and @IM (CHAR(255)).

The LOWER function performs the opposite operation, lowering the level of dynamic array delimiters to the next lower level.


The following example uses the RAISE function to convert dynamic array delimiters to the next higher level. It then uses the LOWER function to reverse this operation:

PRINT numsm;         ! Returns 123ü456ü10ü11
numraise = RAISE(numsm)
PRINT numraise;      ! Returns 123ý456ý10ý11
numlower = LOWER(numraise)
PRINT numlower;      ! Returns 123ü456ü10ü11

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