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Recap Of Part 2

In Part 2, you learned about more interesting and useful features of Basic.

  • Functions: Traverse(), Lock(), Unlock().

  • Commands: TStart, TCommit.

  • How to pass parameters by reference.

  • A little bit about writing code to access Caché objects, including the standard Caché methods New, OpenId, and %Save.

Thanks for using this tutorial! To learn more about Basic, read the Caché Basic Reference.

To save all the work in your project to a single, portable file:

  1. Start Caché Studio.

  2. Click File –> Change Namespace to connect to the SAMPLES namespace.

  3. Click Tools –> Export.

  4. Choose the Export current project and Export to Local File options.

  5. Browse to a folder, specify mybas.xml, and then click Save.

  6. Click OK.


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