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Tutorial Exercises

During this tutorial we will write several programs, using Studio, that will allow you to explore all of the features of Caché Basic. There will also be simple examples of command and function usage. You should use Studio to write small programs and experiment with these examples.

The best way to learn Caché Basic is to do the hands-on exercises that are included throughout the tutorial. You can try them on your own—to test your understanding—or follow the step-by-step guide. To see the guide, click this picture on any exercise page.

generated description: stepbystep.gif

The solution to the exercises are also included and loaded into the SAMPLES namespace. Click here for more information on the solution.


This tutorial assumes that you have installed Caché using Minimal security settings. If you have installed using Normal or Locked Down security settings, the Terminal, Studio, and the Management Portal will require you to authenticate.

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