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Hands-On Exercise 6

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You now know enough to add the following sections to your mylookup routine.

  • Add code to getsubmit to handle a full or partial phone number (Examples: 617, 617-621, or 617-621-0600). Write a phone procedure to display matches. Use the three argument form of $Order. Note: you may inadvertently introduce a bug when writing phone. The solution is in the step-by-step guide.

  • Add code to getsubmit to handle a full or partial name (Examples: Smith,John; Smith, J; Sm, John; Sm, J). Write a name procedure to display matches. Write a $$NameFormat user-defined function, that uses $$up and $$low functions (that you also write) to convert the last and first names into the proper format (pattern 1u.l), no matter how the user enters the name.

  • Update the help procedure with the additional options.

  • Keep track of the matches you display using a local array to associate the match number that the user sees with the ID number of the match. Modify all 3 search procedures (dob, phone, name) to use this local array. Write a select procedure to allow the user to choose a match. Modify display so that it accepts an additional argument, either “line” or “table”. Use “line” for displaying matches in a list horizontally, and “table” for displaying the user's single choice vertically, using display^mydatent(). Clear the screen before displaying data vertically.

For instructions, click below.

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