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Caché Object Storage

Caché classes, by default, use globals built using lists instead of the delimited strings of pieces that we've used so far in this tutorial. In order to continue with the tutorial, you need to convert ^PersonD so that it uses this structure (and also make a small change to the “Phone” section of ^PersonI). There's a routine already written for you that does this, called dbconvert. Start a Terminal session, and do ^dbconvert().

Remember, after the conversion, your mydatent and mylookup routines won't work anymore (in the next exercise, you'll create new versions that will). You can look at the results of the conversion with the Management Portal. This view shows that each record is now a list (built with $ListBuild) of three items. It also shows the slight change to the “Phone” section of ^PersonI (the ID is now a subscript).

If you want to convert the data back to its old format, simply do goback^dbconvert(). You'll then be able to use mydatent and mylookup again. Feel free to switch back and forth.

generated description: listpersond generated description: listpersoni

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