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ZBreak Command

The syntax of the ZBreak command is:

For a breakpoint: zb <location>:<action>:<condition>:<execute code>

For a watchpoint: zb <*variable>:<action>:<condition>:<execute code>

  • location: the tag^routine location where execution should stop

  • variable: the variable which, when changed, will cause execution to stop; it must be preceded by an asterisk (*)

  • action: the “style” of breaking, once you continue after the breakpoint or watchpoint (see next page)

  • condition: if the condition is false, no break will occur

  • execute code: code to be executed when the breakpoint or watchpoint is triggered

ZBreak on a line by itself displays information about any current breakpoints or watchpoints. ZBreak followed by a ? displays some detailed help on its usage.

You can disable/enable breakpoints and watchpoints by using a - or + before the location or variable. To delete one, use -- before the location or variable.

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