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Routing Rule Actions

Actions can be added to both Rule Sets (outside the context of rules) as well as to when blocks (within the context of rules). Here is the list of available actions:

  • assign — Sets a variable or property to a value.

  • return — Exits the rule.

  • trace — Writes a trace/debugging message to the event log. Can be turned on and off using the Log Trace Events setting on the message router.

  • debug — Writes a debugging message to the business rule log. Configurable using the RuleLogging setting on the message router.

  • send — Sends a message to a target.

  • delete — Deletes a message.

  • delegate — Sends a message to another Rule Set.

  • rule — Adds another rule to the rule set.

To add actions or rules to a Rule Set click the ruleSet box and then the + icon.

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To add when or otherwise blocks to a rule, click rule and then click +. Finally, to add actions to a when block, click the when and click +.

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