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Ensemble and Caché

Ensemble contains a full-featured Caché database. This provides a number of advantages:

  • Data storage (persistence). Ensemble productions automatically store all data moving through them in the underlying database. This has the following benefits:

    • HL7 data can be easily retrieved from the database and if necessary re-sent to its original destination system or a new destination.

    • In the event of a system failure, all of the data is safe on disk. In fact, Ensemble stores the production's message queues in the database so that when an Ensemble production comes back on line after a system failure it resumes processing HL7 data in its correct order.

  • Integrability. Ensemble productions have access to all of Caché's built-in integration features, including support for the following:

    • Connections to any SQL database.

    • Web services.

    • Connections to .NET and Java applications.

  • Customizability. Ensemble has complete access to all Caché frameworks and development tools, including:

    • Web frameworks, Caché Server Pages (CSP) and Zen.

    • Studio. Integrated Development Environment.

    • Scripting languages: ObjectScript (COS), Caché Basic, and MV Basic.

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