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Demonstration: Creating the Custom ZWG Segment

The next steps is to create the custom ZWG segment.

  1. With the TutorialSchema selected on the left-hand side of the page, click the Segment Structures tab on the right-hand side and then click New.

    generated description: customschemawizard step5 20152

  2. On the next screen make the following assignments:

    • New Segment Structure Name ZWG

    • Description Wing Segment

    generated description: customschemawizard step6 20132

    Click Add Field.

  3. Specify the following values for Field 1's attributes:

    • Description: WingIdentifier

    • Max Length: 100

    • Required: O (this is the default value)

    • Repeating: No (this is the default value)

    generated description: customschemawizard step7 20132

    Click OK.

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