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Data Transformation Language

Ensemble supports Data Transformation Language (DTL) for describing data transformations. DTL is an XML language. Ensemble provides wizards and graphical tools for creating, editing, and testing DTL transformations. A data transformation is a Caché class like the following. If you prefer you can use Studio to edit the class definition directly and bypass the wizards and graphical tools.

generated description: datatransformations1a 20142

The actual DTL is the XML markup in the XData DTL block.

Note the "virtual property" syntax specifying fields in the source and target messages (see the value attribute of the <assign> element). The general form is HL7MessageObject.{Virtual Property Path}. The possible values for HL7MessageObject are either source (source message) or target (target message). The Virtual Property Path, used to access different parts of the message, has the form Segment:Field.SubField.


For more details about Data Transformations and DTL, read Developing DTL Transformations and the Business Process and Data Transformation Language Reference.

For more information about the virtual property path, read Virtual Property Syntax in Ensemble Virtual Documents.

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