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Demonstration: Adding a new HL7 Message Router and Routing Rule

In an earlier demonstration, we added a Message Router to the Tutorial.HL7Production production at the same time we added a Business Service. Message Routers can also be added separately. Navigate back to the Configuration page for Tutorial.HL7Production (try the jump menu in the upper left hand corner) and click the generated description: addcomponent 20141 next to Processes.

generated description: messagerouters4 20141

Next, fill out the resulting Business Process Wizard. First, click the HL7 Router tab, then check the box for Auto-Create Rule. Fill in TutorialMsgRouter for the HL7 Routing Process Name, and check Enable Now.

generated description: messagerouters5 20141

Click OK. The wizard will ask you if the name Tutorial.TutorialMsgRouterRoutingRule is appropriate for the automatically created Routing Rule. Click OK.

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