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Message Routers Overview

Message Routers are specialized business processes for providing message routing logic in Ensemble productions. Message routers use configurable sets of rules to filter messages and send them to appropriate targets, typically operations or other processes. In addition, rules can apply data transformations to messages before sending them to their targets.

Ensemble includes a number of pre-built message routing processes specialized for routing different scenarios. This tutorial focuses on the routing process designed for routing messages containing HL7 data. The name of the class is EnsLib.HL7.MsgRouter.RoutingEngineOpens in a new tab.


In addition to routing rule sets (rules used within message routers), Ensemble also supports general business rule sets. These can be used to provide more general logic than message routing to business processes. These rule sets can be invoked from custom built business processes. To learn more about general business rule sets, please read Developing Business Rules.

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