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Caché and JDBC

Caché provides a high-performance Level 4 JDBC database driver. It is pure Java and involves no Caché-specific binary code and no JDBC-ODBC bridge. The Caché JDBC Driver supports the JDBC 4.0 API, including the following features:

  • Scrollable ResultSets

  • Updateable ResultSets

  • Batch execution of SQL commands

  • SQL3 data types

You can use the Caché JDBC Driver and SQL when you want to access your Caché data using a relational model. The Java Binding Mechanism also uses the JDBC Driver. You can mix relational and object-oriented database access to provide maximum flexibility to your application.

The Caché JDBC Driver is contained in cachejdbc.jar. Click here for the location of this file as well as system requirments for using JDBC with Caché.


For more detailed information on Caché JDBC support, read Using Caché with JDBC.

Click here for the system requirements for using the Caché JDBC Driver and for completing the tutorial exercises.

In a standard Windows installation <cachesys> is C:\InterSystems\Cache. In a standard UNIX® or Linux installation it is /usr/cachesys.

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