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Relationship Types

Caché supports relationships among objects. In the case of the Contact Management application, Contact and PhoneNumber objects form parent-child relationships. Contact objects play the parent role while PhoneNumber objects play the child role. This means the following:

  • Each Contact object can contain zero or more PhoneNumber objects.

  • Each PhoneNumber object must be contained in one and only one Contact object.

Caché also supports one-to-many relationships. One-Many relationships are similar to parent-child relationships, except that the objects of the type that form the “many” side can exist independently of any object of the type that form the “one” side. So, objects of the many-side type need not be contained in any one-side object. They can also be contained in several one-side objects simultaneously.

The following diagram depicts the parent-child relationship between Contact and PhoneNumber:

generated description: contactmanagementdatamodel


To learn more about Relationships in Caché, read Relationships in Using Caché Objects.

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