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Overview: Caché as Web Service Producer

Caché provides full support for Web Services. Moreover, support for Web Services is built into Caché and does not require any additional middleware. You need only provide a Caché class containing methods tagged as “Web Methods”. Caché automatically makes these methods available as Web Services. Caché also automatically generates a WSDL document for your Web Service and makes the document available to prospective client applications.

Here are the basic steps by which Caché processes a request from a SOAP client:

  1. The Caché SOAP Server receives the SOAP request from the client application by way of the CSP Gateway.

  2. The Caché SOAP Server unpacks the SOAP message, converts all parameters to their proper Caché representation, and invokes the appropriate Web Method.

  3. The Web Method executes its code, possibly invoking methods on Caché application classes or executing queries against the database.

  4. The Web Method creates a response and returns it to the Caché SOAP Server.

  5. The Caché SOAP Server packages the response into a SOAP message and returns it to the client by way of the CSP Gateway.

generated description: soapclientserver


The diagram shows the logical configuration of a SOAP client and a Caché Web Service. All of the logical elements can reside on the same physical machine.

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