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Example Three: Application Roles

An application can temporarily add all of its users to a set of roles called application roles. The users are members of these roles only while they use the application. When the users exit the application, they lose their membership in the application roles.

Use the Application Roles tab in the application definition to assign application roles. By default, the /csp/user application has %DB_USER as an application role. Here is the Application Roles tab from the application definition:

generated description: app cspapps8 20141

Use the form controls on the lower half of the page to add roles to the existing set of application roles.

The presence of %DB_USER as an application role for /csp/user explains why HomePage.cls lists it as a role for each user who successfully enters the application.


If a user is already a member of an application role before entering the application, then the application does not assign the user to any new roles and does not remove the user from any roles.

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