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Three Types of Application Definitions

An Application Definition specifies the security properties of an application. For example, it defines the application's role escalation features. Caché supports three different types of application definitions:

  • Web Application Definitions: Used for applications built with Caché Server Pages (CSP) and Zen.

  • Privileged Routine Application Definitions: Used for routines written in ObjectScript, Caché Basic, or MVBasic.

  • Client Application Definitions: Used for applications that use Caché Direct to connect to Caché.

Application definitions can be created and edited using the Applications page (click [Home] > [System Administration] > [Security] > [Applications]) of the Management Portal:

generated description: app appdefpage 20131


Caché Direct is a client/server mechanism that provides, over a TCP connection, direct control over server operation from a Windows COM/OLE or C++ client program. For more information on Caché Direct, read Using Caché Direct.

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