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Caché Services

Caché Services are the gatekeepers to Caché. Connection tools use Caché services to authenticate to Caché.

There are two types of Caché Services:

  • Basic — These services control Caché to Caché connections and so allow you to enable or disable a connection tool, but there are no authentication mechanisms to change.

  • Resource-based — These services control user connections to Caché and so allow you to select authentication mechanisms as well as enable and disable the connection tool.

Use the Services page (click [Home] > [System Administration] > [Security] > [Services]) of the Management Portal to edit Caché Service definitions. Click on the name of the service that you want to edit.

Here is the page for editing the definition of the %Service_Console service. Note that it allows you to both enable/disable the associated connection tool as well as specify authentication mechanisms. In this case the service is enabled and its only allowed authentication method is “Unauthenticated”.

generated description: editconsoleservice 20131


To learn more about Caché Services, read Services in the Caché Security Administration Guide.

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