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Example: CheckResults HL7

The following code overrides the CheckResults method. The purpose of this code is to examine the effects of running the production. The code does the following:

  • Uses CompareFiles to compare the file output by the production to a reference version of the file. By default, the method looks for the output file in HL7OutputDir. By default, the method compares the output file to a file named <OutputFileName>_Reference.

  • Queries the Business Rule Log table to retrieve the last entry from the routing rule associated with the MsgRouter. The Business Rule Log is stored in Ens_Rule.Log.

  • Verifies that the query returned a result.

  • If the query returned a result, it verifies that the message matched the correct rule and that the rule forwarded the message to the correct target.

Method CheckResults() As %Library.Status
    Do $$$AssertStatusOK(..CompareFiles("ABC1Out.txt",,,..MainDir))
    &SQL(Select TOP 1 ID,ActivityName,ErrorMsg,ReturnValue,Reason 
    INTO :Id,Act,Msg,Ret,Rea FROM Ens_Rule.Log
    WHERE RuleName='Tutorial.TutorialHL7MessageRouterRules'

    Set r = $$$AssertEquals(SQLCODE, 0, "Rule Log Entry")

    if r {
        Set r1=$$$AssertEquals(Rea,"rule#1:when#1", "Rule:("_Rea_")")
        Set r2=$$$AssertTrue(Ret["TutorialHL7FileOperation","Target: "_Ret)

    Quit $$$OK

All of the auxiliary methods used above are completely described in the class documentation for %UnitTest.TestProductionOpens in a new tab.

CheckResults uses embedded SQL to query the Business Rule Log. To learn more about embedded SQL, read Using Embedded SQL in Using Caché SQL.

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