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Importing Code Using Terminal

Here are the steps for importing a file using Terminal:

  1. Open Terminal and use the ZN command to change to the ENSDEMO namespace.

    USER>ZN "Ensdemo"
  2. Use the following command to load and compile code from an XML file.

    ENSDEMO>Do $System.OBJ.Load("C:\InterSystems\Ensemble\dev\tutorials\testingproductions\HL7.xml","ck")
    Load started on 10/02/2014 10:59:24
    Loading file C:\InterSystems\Ensemble\dev\tutorials\testingproductions\HL7.xml as xml
    Imported class: Tutorial.HL7ExampleProduction
    Imported class: Tutorial.HL7ProductionTest
    Imported class: Tutorial.RemoveNameSSNDTL
    Imported class: Tutorial.TutorialHL7MessageRouterRules, compiling 4 classes, using 8 worker jobs
    Compiling class Tutorial.TutorialHL7MessageRouterRules
    Compiling class Tutorial.HL7ExampleProduction
    Compiling class Tutorial.HL7ProductionTest
    Compiling class Tutorial.RemoveNameSSNDTL
    Compiling routine Tutorial.TutorialHL7MessageRouterRules.1
    Compiling routine Tutorial.RemoveNameSSNDTL.1
    Compiling routine Tutorial.HL7ExampleProduction.1
    Compiling routine Tutorial.HL7ProductionTest.1
    Load finished successfully.

The files for this tutorial are located in <ensemble-install>/dev/tutorial/testingproductions. For a default Windows installation <ensemble-install> is C:\InterSystems\Ensemble.

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