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Example: Executing a Test Using Set-Up and Tear Down Methods

Execute the new unit test in the usual fashion.

  1. Open the Terminal in the namespace in which you have been working.

  2. Set the value of ^UnitTestRoot to the parent of the directory containing your test class:

    USER> Set ^UnitTestRoot="c:\unittests"
  3. Execute the tests using %UnitTest.ManagerOpens in a new tab:

    USER> Do ##class(%UnitTest.Manager).RunTest("mytests")
  4. Caché loads the test class from the XML file, compiles the class, executes the test, and delivers a report to the terminal.

    Directory: C:\unittests\mytests\
    mytests begins ...
    Load of directory started on 09/29/2014 15:44:01 '*.xml;*.XML'
    Loading file C:\unittests\mytests\Test.xml as xml
    Imported class: MyPackage.Tests
    Compilation started on 09/29/2014 15:44:01 with qualifiers ''
    Compiling class MyPackage.Tests
    Compiling routine MyPackage.Tests.1
    Compilation finished successfully in 0.033s.
    Load finished successfully.
      MyPackage.Tests begins ...
        TestAdd() begins ...
          AssertEquals:Test Add(2,2)=4 (passed)
          AssertNotEquals:Test Add(2,2)'=5 (passed)
          LogMessage:Duration of execution: .002255 sec.
        TestAdd passed
        TestEditContact() begins ...
          AssertStatusNotOK:ContactType = Friend (passed)
          AssertStatusOK:ContactType = Personal (passed)
          LogMessage:Duration of execution: .10459 sec.
        TestEditContact passed
      MyPackage.Tests passed
    mytests passed
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