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Importing Classes to Use in the Examples

To complete the following hands-on examples, first import both of the classes, TestMe and Contact, contained in UnitTestExamples.xml. This file is in <cachesys>/Dev/Tutorials/UnitTestEx. To import the classes:

  1. Open Studio in the namespace you want to work in, such as USER.

  2. Click Tools —> Import Local.

  3. Browse to UnitTestExamples.xml. Click the file and click Open.

  4. In the Import Dialog, leave the two boxes checked: Add Imported Items to Project and Compile Imported Items. Click Select All and OK.


In a standard Caché installation on Windows, <cachesys> is c:\InterSystems\Cache.

In a standard Caché installation on UNIX® or Linux, <cachesys> is /usr/cachesys.

The second file UnitTestSolutions.xml contains solutions for both the examples and the exercises.

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