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The CMP includes the following components:

  • CacheNetWizard.exe — A utility that connects to Caché and generates the .NET proxy classes (source files or compiled assemblies) based on Caché classes defined in the Caché Class Dictionary. These proxy classes provide a fully object-oriented interface to your Caché data. CacheNetWizard can be executed “stand-alone” or it can be embedded into the Visual Studio .NET 2005 “External Tools” menu.

  • InterSystems.Data.CacheClient.dll — The .NET assembly that implements both the object and relational interfaces of the Caché Managed Provider.

  • InterSystems.Data.CacheClientCF.dll — The Compact Framework version of InterSystems.Data.CacheClient.dll for use with Windows CE devices.

These components are located in <cachesys>\dev\dotnet\bin.


In a standard Caché installation on Windows, <cachesys> is C:\InterSystems\Cache.

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