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Starting the MultiValue Shell

Caché provides the MultiValue shell. In a Windows environment the shell that can be run through a Terminal session. In a Caché supported non-Windows environment, you can access the MultiValue shell through a Telnet session. Complete the following steps to access the MultiValue shell:

  1. In a Windows environment, open the Terminal by clicking the InterSystems Launcher (generated description: cube) in the System tray and then clicking Terminal on the menu. Alternatively, click Start–>Programs–>Caché–>Terminal. In a non-Windows environment connect to Caché through Telnet using a terminal emulator.

  2. Launch the MultiValue shell by entering MV at the prompt.

  3. If this is the first time that the MultiValue shell has been invoked Caché performs some initialization. When this is complete Caché displays a welcome message and then the colon (:) prompt.

    [814] Account 'USER' created.
    [814] Account 'SYSPROG' created.
    *                              MultiValue Shell                              *
    * Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2015.2 (Build 646) Wed Jun 10 2015 19:29:07 EDT *
     [150] Two digit years default to the years 1900 to 1999.

Telnet is disabled by default. For instructions on enabling Telnet, read Enabling Telnet in the Configuration Options section of Using the MultiValue Features of Caché.

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