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Migrating a MultiValue Application

In order to try the following examples yourself, you need to have a MultiValue application installed in your Caché instance. We provide a small Universe application in the form of a Universe backup file. See the note below for the location of this file.

You can migrate an existing MultiValue account to Caché using the MVIMPORT utility on a backup file for the account. At present, MVIMPORT accepts only backup files created by the following:

  • D3

  • JBase

  • MVBase

  • Reality

  • Universe

MVIMPORT creates a new account and namespace for each account in the backup file. It also creates Caché globals for the hash files (database files) in the backup. It places non-hashed files (OS files) in the home directory of the account unless you specify a different directory.

Execute MVIMPORT on the Universe backup named MyAccount.uvb (See the note below for the location of this file). At the MV prompt enter the following:

USER: MVIMPORT "<cachesys>\dev\tutorials\mv\MyAccountBackup.uvb"

Note that the exact path to the backup file depends on your Caché installation. On Windows the default directory is C:\InterSystems\Cache. On UNIX® and Linux, the default directory is /usr/dev.

The output from MVIMPORT looks something like this:

Import from UVBackup
UVversion: 9
OSType   : Windows
blocksize: 8192
Label    : Fri Apr 27 15:41:55 2007 
Scanning Backup contents....
Analyzing results...
Creating Namespace 'MYACCOUNT' for Account 'MyAccount' at location 
Creating Namespace 'MYACCOUNT' for Account 'MyAccount' ....
Emulation for account 'MyAccount' is 'UNIVERSE'
[814] Account 'MyAccount' created.
Creating Directories...
Starting Restore
Account: MyAccount
Restoring DirFile : BP
Restoring HashFile: DICT PERSON
Restoring HashFile: DICT PROCS
Restoring HashFile: DICT IMPORTED.VOC
Restoring HashFile: DICT VOCLIB
Restoring HashFile: PERSON
Restoring DirFile : PROCS
Restoring HashFile: IMPORTED.VOC
Restoring HashFile: VOCLIB
End of Restore
Fixing Vocs...
VOC fixup pass completed       


For more information on MVIMPORT, read MVIMPORT in the Operational Differences between MultiValue and Caché.

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