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Using Web Services

Using Web Services, provides an introduction to using Caché MVBasic to create both Web Services and Web Service clients. After completing this part of the tutorial, you will be able to:

  • List the principal components of Caché support for Web Services and Web Service clients and describe their roles.

  • Use the Studio Web Service Wizard to create a Web Service coded in MVBasic.

  • Test your Web Service using the Web Service Test Page.

  • View the WSDL document for your Web service.

  • Create proxy classes for a Web Service using the Studio SOAP Client Wizard.

  • Invoke a Web Service using MVBasic code and your proxy classes.

Note that the examples in this section of the tutorial focus on using Caché Web Services to access data from a multivalue application that has been imported to Caché.


For more in depth discussions of Caché support for Web Services and Web Service clients, read the Caché Web Services QuickStart Tutorial as well as Creating Web Services and Web Clients in Caché.


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