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Creating Cinema.Utils

We could define the AddShow method within one of our existing classes, such as TicketOrder, but we are not going to. Instead, we create a new class, Cinema.UtilsOpens in a new tab, to hold it. Eventually, Cinema.UtilsOpens in a new tab will hold a variety of methods all used by different CSP pages in our application. Using the new class wizard, we create a class named Utils and place it in the Cinema package.

generated description: creatingcinemautils 20111

Next, we specify what type of class to create. All of our previous classes have been Persistent, because they contain data that is stored in the database. This class is different. No data will be associated with this class. It will contain only methods. As a result we do not need to specify any type for the class. Select the Extends radio button, but leave the associated text field blank.

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