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Defining a Page with Frames

generated description: framediagram.gif

The overall layout of our application is defined in the Cinema.csp page. It contains a frame set with two rows and one column, shown in the diagram in blue. The first row contains a frame named Top which displays the Search.csp page. The second row contains another (nested) frame set.

The inner frame set (shown in green) contains two columns and one row. The left hand column contains a frame named Order which displays the Order.csp page. The other column contains a frame named Main which displays the TopPicks.csp page.

<title>Cach&eacute; Cinema</title>

<frameset rows="100,1*" cols="*" frameborder="NO" framespacing="3">
    <frame src="Search.csp" name="Top" scrolling="NO" frameborder="NO">
    <frameset cols="285,1*" frameborder="NO" framespacing="3">
        <frame name="Order" src="Order.csp" frameborder="NO">
        <frame name="Main" src="TopPicks.csp" frameborder="NO">
<noframes><body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">

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