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Multiple Inheritance

Let's examine this process a bit more closely.

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Whenever we create a CSP page, we are, in fact, creating a class. That class inherits much of its behavior from the %CSP.PageOpens in a new tab class that is part of Caché. It can also inherit behavior from other classes that are part of Caché or of our application. This process of inheriting from multiple parents is called (you guessed it) multiple inheritance.

Where is this useful?

  • When there is content or logic that appears in multiple pages. Through inheritance, we can define it in one place and use it anywhere we need to. Because there is only one definition, it is simple to maintain and always consistent.

  • To combine Web page content, created by a page author, with processing logic (code), created by a programmer. In this way, Caché makes it easy for these two critical groups—authors and programmers —to work together easily and efficiently.

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