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Creating the Order Page

Here is the start of the Order page. First, we use a <csp:class> tag to declare both %CSP.PageOpens in a new tab and Cinema.UtilsOpens in a new tab as a super classes (just as we did for the ShowTimes page). We declare Cinema.UtilsOpens in a new tab to be a super class so that we can easily call utility methods defined there.

Next, we use a <csp:if> tag to test whether an Order value is defined in the Session object. If not, the Order page is blank and we have nothing else to do.

If there is an Order value in the Session object—meaning that we have an order—we begin to display the page's contents, starting with the YourTicketOrder icon.

<html> <head></head>
<csp:class super="%CSP.Page,Cinema.Utils">
<csp:if condition='$D(%session.Data("Order"))'>
    <img src="YourTicketOrder.gif"><br>
</body> </html>
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