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Sending the Message

Now all we have to do is fill in the message text, using the MessageText argument passed into the method.

To send the message, we call the Send method of the mail server object, passing it the message object.

ClassMethod SendEmail(Address As %String, MessageText As %String)
    // Create an SMTP object and connect to a server
    Set Mailer = ##class(%Net.SMTP).%New()

    // Fill in the name of your mail server
    Set Mailer.smtpserver = "**Server**"

    // Create a Message object and fill in From, To, Subject
    Set Msg = ##class(%Net.MailMessage).%New()
    Set Msg.From="**Address**"
    Do Msg.To.Insert(Address)
    Set Msg.Subject = "Theater Tickets"

    // Add message content
    Do Msg.TextData.Write(MessageText)
    // Send the message and close objects
    Do Mailer.Send(Msg)
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