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Showing the TopPicks Page

Before viewing TopPicks.csp in a browser, add some data to your application using a utility that has been provided for you. Click the “Hands On” button for instructions.

generated description: handson.gif

In Studio, click View —> Web Page:

generated description: viewtoppicks 20141

It's what we want, except that there are too many films shown (we only want to see the top 3) and there are no buttons to click on to see the shows for a particular film.

Behind the scenes, when Caché received the request to “serve up” the TopPicks page, it read the TopPicks.csp file we just created and defined a new Web page class. It then ran a method of that class to actually show the page. All of the HTML and CSP tags that make up our page are compiled into the class. That compilation step is why it takes a moment to display the page for the first time and why the page is lightning fast thereafter.

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