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Using the Class Inspector

The Class Inspector is usually visible as one of several dialog boxes anchored on the right of Studio, with tabs at the bottom that allow you to select among them. You can customize where and how any of these dialog boxes appear simply by dragging and dropping. To use the Class Inspector to set the InitialExpression for the TicketsSold property:

  1. Locate the tab marked Inspector and click on it to give it focus. The inspector will be most likely showing class keyword values for the Film class.

    generated description: initexpr1 20152

  2. Select Property from the drop down list on the upper left-hand side of the Class Inspector. This will display a list of properties within the Inspector.

    generated description: initexpr2 20152

  3. Double-click TicketsSold on the list of Property names. This will display the list of property keywords and values for the TicketsSold property.

    generated description: initexpr3 20152

  4. Enter “0” in the InitialExpression cell.

    generated description: initexpr4 20152

  5. Click on the editor window and your class definition will be updated to reflect the changes made within the Inspector.

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