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What Else Is There?

Well that's as far as we're going to go in this tutorial and, while we've covered a lot, there are many more Caché capabilities that we haven't seen. For instance:

  • Zen—A component based Web applications framework built on top of CSP. Provides a large set of prebuilt data aware components for quickly assembling rich and highly interactive Web applications.

  • Java—Caché objects provide native, high-performance Java connectivity, for use with Java programs, Java Server Pages.

  • .NET—The Caché Managed Provider for .NET is a native .NET data provider. It provides .NET applications with both relational ADO.NET and object based access to Caché data.

  • COM—For applications built with Visual Basic, Active Server Pages, and other Windows-based technologies, Caché objects provide native, high-performance COM connectivity, too.

  • SQL—In addition to its powerful object technology, Caché is also a full-fledged relational database with ODBC and JDBC access.

  • Relational Gateway—Caché applications are not limited to data stored in Caché databases. All of the powerful Caché Web technologies, including Caché Server Pages and Caché Objects, can be used with Oracle, SQL Server and other relational databases.

  • Advanced Objects—There's a lot more to Caché Objects, too.

  • Custom Tags—You can even extend CSP with your own tags, enabling page authors to use powerful server-side capabilities without ever leaving HTML.

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