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Testing the Web Service Methods from the Terminal

We can test the Web service methods from terminal. To do this we will use its WSDL to generate a client. Here are the steps:

  1. Use the InterSystems launcher to open the Terminal. You can use whichever namespace that you prefer.

  2. Create and instance of %SOAP.WSDL.ReaderOpens in a new tab and use its Process method together with the WSDL url of the service to generate the client.

    USER>Set url="http://localhost:57772/csp/user/CInfo.WebService.CLS?WSDL=1"
    USER>Set reader = ##class(%SOAP.WSDL.Reader).%New()
    USER>Write reader.Process(url)
    Compilation started on 09/26/2014 11:38:14 with qualifiers 'dk', compiling 2 classes, using 8 worker jobs
    Compiling class CompanyInfo.Address
    Compiling class CompanyInfo.Company
    Compiling routine CompanyInfo.Address.1
    Compiling routine CompanyInfo.Company.1
    Compilation finished successfully in 0.274s.
    Compilation started on 09/26/2014 11:38:14 with qualifiers 'dk'
    Compiling class CompanyInfo.CompanyInfoSoap
    Compiling routine CompanyInfo.CompanyInfoSoap.1
    Compiling class CompanyInfo.CompanyInfoSoap.CreateCompanies
    Compiling class CompanyInfo.CompanyInfoSoap.GetCompanyInfo
    Compiling routine CompanyInfo.CompanyInfoSoap.CreateCompanies.1
    Compiling routine CompanyInfo.CompanyInfoSoap.GetCompanyInfo.1
    Compilation finished successfully in 0.168s.
  3. Create an instance of the client.

    USER>Set client = ##class(CompanyInfo.CompanyInfoSoap).%New()
  4. Execute the CreateCompanies method to populate the database with Company instances.

    USER>Write client.CreateCompanies(1000)
  5. Next, test GetCompanyInfo. You must pass a valid ID of a company to the method. It is likely that “1” is valid.

    USER>Set company = client.GetCompanyInfo(1)
    USER>Write company.Name
    OptiTech LLC.
    USER>Write company.Mission
    Spearheading the next generation of nano-instrumentation technologies for the Fortune 50
    USER>Write company.PrimaryAddress.City

This concludes this part of the tutorial. Click here to continue on to the next section.

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