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What is Zen?

Zen is a component-based and object-oriented Web application framework. It is optimized for rapid development and tight integration with the Caché database. Zen provides an extensive library of ready-to-use components that developers can quickly combine and assemble into highly interactive user interfaces. Zen components are completely object-oriented, so they can be easily extended and combined to create new custom components. Caché automatically handles all data interchange between Zen components and the database without the use of any “middle tier”. Moreover, Zen components and Caché database applications share the same object data model. As a result, developers can simply and easily provide their Zen-based Web applications with very efficient and intensive data access.

Zen is based on Caché Server Pages (CSP) and Caché Object database technologies. These technologies provide a proven platform for hosting robust, scalable, and portable Web applications. Zen does not replace or deprecate CSP. It builds on the basic features of CSP: performance, data access, security, localization, and configuration.

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