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Displaying Data with a Table

Part II of this tutorial provides an introduction to both the Zen tablePane component and to composite Zen components. In Part II we will begin creating Zen Contacts: a Zen application for displaying and editing contact information. After completing Part II, you will be able to do the following:

  • Create new Zen Application and page classes.

  • Use hgroup and vgroup components to design a Zen page layout.

  • Add a tablePane component to a Zen page.

  • Configure a tablePane component so that it displays a table of Caché data.

  • Customize the style of a tablePane component.

  • Add a tableNavigator component to a Zen page and connect it to a tablePane.

  • Create a composite component using the Zen composite component.

  • Add a composite component to a Zen page.


The solution files: Contacts.xml, CustomComponents.xml, and ZenContacts.xml are in <cachesys>\dev\tutorials\zen. Contacts.xml contains the data classes. CustomComponents.xml contains the custom composite menu component. ZenContacts.xml contains the remaining Zen classes. Import CustomComponents.xml and compile MenuComposite before importing and compiling the remaining Zen classes. Follow the procedure described in Part II: Getting Started to load the solution classes into Caché.


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