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About This Book

This book describes how to use Zen Mojo plugins. It is a supplement to the book Using Zen Mojo, which describes all other aspects of creating and distributing Zen Mojo applications.

The following chapters contain important introductory material, and describe special plugin classes that provide certain generic services to other plugins:

  • Working with Plugins — provides an overview of plugin structure and features, and describes common tasks that must be performed when adding plugins to your application.

The following chapters provide detailed information on plugins for specific JavaScript libraries or frameworks:

The following chapters provide useful information that isn’t required to understand the earlier chapters:

  • Creating Plugins — describes the basic requirements and procedures for creating your own plugin classes

  • Using the Plugin Documentation and Widget Reference Apps — describes two Zen Mojo applications that provide additional documentation resources: Plugin Documentation provides detailed information on layout objects for each plugin, and the Widget Reference provides interactive widget samples with detailed descriptions and source code.

For a detailed outline, see the table of contents.

See Using Zen Mojo for details on creating and distributing Zen Mojo applications.

For general information about InterSystems documentation, see the InterSystems Documentation Guide.

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