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class %ZEN.Report.Aggregate.LinRegWithStorage extends %ZEN.Report.Aggregate.LinearRegression

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property x as array of %Integer;
Array of processed values
Property methods: xBuildValueArray(), xCollectionToDisplay(), xCollectionToOdbc(), xDisplayToCollection(), xDisplayToLogical(), xGet(), xGetObject(), xGetObjectId(), xGetSwizzled(), xIsValid(), xLogicalToDisplay(), xNormalize(), xOdbcToCollection(), xSet(), xSetObject(), xSetObjectId(), xXSDToLogical()
property y as array of %Integer;
Property methods: yBuildValueArray(), yCollectionToDisplay(), yCollectionToOdbc(), yDisplayToCollection(), yDisplayToLogical(), yGet(), yGetObject(), yGetObjectId(), yGetSwizzled(), yIsValid(), yLogicalToDisplay(), yNormalize(), yOdbcToCollection(), ySet(), ySetObject(), ySetObjectId(), yXSDToLogical()


method ProcessValue(pValue As %List) as %Status
Processes each new value (x,y) pair in %List

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