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class %ZEN.Report.Aggregate.Mode extends %ZEN.Report.CustomAggregate

Aggregate for computing the statistical mode (most frequent observation) of a set of data

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property Counts as array of %Integer;
Number of observations indexed by value
Property methods: CountsBuildValueArray(), CountsCollectionToDisplay(), CountsCollectionToOdbc(), CountsDisplayToCollection(), CountsDisplayToLogical(), CountsGet(), CountsGetObject(), CountsGetObjectId(), CountsGetSwizzled(), CountsIsValid(), CountsLogicalToDisplay(), CountsNormalize(), CountsOdbcToCollection(), CountsSet(), CountsSetObject(), CountsSetObjectId(), CountsXSDToLogical()
property MaxCount as %Integer [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Largest count seen so far
Property methods: MaxCountDisplayToLogical(), MaxCountGet(), MaxCountIsValid(), MaxCountLogicalToDisplay(), MaxCountNormalize(), MaxCountSet(), MaxCountXSDToLogical()
property MaxCountValues as %String;
List of values that have occured MaxCount times.
Property methods: MaxCountValuesDisplayToLogical(), MaxCountValuesGet(), MaxCountValuesIsValid(), MaxCountValuesLogicalToDisplay(), MaxCountValuesLogicalToOdbc(), MaxCountValuesNormalize(), MaxCountValuesSet()


classmethod %PostProcessValue(result As %String, postprocessResult As %Boolean, runtimeMode As %Integer, ignoreNLS As %Boolean)
method GetResult() as %String
Returns the mode of the data set. If the data set was empty, "" is returned. If there is no unique mode, the number of values occurring most frequently is returned, as well as how many times these values occurred.
method ProcessValue(pValue As %String) as %Status
Processes each new value

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