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class SYS.Stats.Global extends SYS.WSMon.wsResource

This class represents system metrics captured for globals. Each property is a different metric. A class may be instantiated by calling the class method 'Sample', and then the current value of each property can be accessed.

For example:
  s ref=##class(SYS.Stats.Global).Sample()
  w ref.RefLocal ; display number of local global references
System stats for Global activity

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property JrnBlocks as %Integer;
Journal Block Writes. Number of 64-KB journal blocks written to the journal file.
Property methods: JrnBlocksDisplayToLogical(), JrnBlocksGet(), JrnBlocksIsValid(), JrnBlocksLogicalToDisplay(), JrnBlocksNormalize(), JrnBlocksSet(), JrnBlocksXSDToLogical()
property JrnEntries as %Integer;
Journal Entries. Number of journal records created, one for each database modification (Set , Kill, etc.) or transaction event (TStart, TCommit) or other event that is saved to the journal.
Property methods: JrnEntriesDisplayToLogical(), JrnEntriesGet(), JrnEntriesIsValid(), JrnEntriesLogicalToDisplay(), JrnEntriesNormalize(), JrnEntriesSet(), JrnEntriesXSDToLogical()
property LogicalBlocks as %Integer;
Logical block requests. The number of database blocks read by the global database code.
Property methods: LogicalBlocksDisplayToLogical(), LogicalBlocksGet(), LogicalBlocksIsValid(), LogicalBlocksLogicalToDisplay(), LogicalBlocksNormalize(), LogicalBlocksSet(), LogicalBlocksXSDToLogical()
property PhysBlockReads as %Integer;
Physical block reads. The number of physical database blocks read from disk.
Property methods: PhysBlockReadsDisplayToLogical(), PhysBlockReadsGet(), PhysBlockReadsIsValid(), PhysBlockReadsLogicalToDisplay(), PhysBlockReadsNormalize(), PhysBlockReadsSet(), PhysBlockReadsXSDToLogical()
property PhysBlockWrites as %Integer;
Physical block writes. The number of physical database blocks written to disk.
Property methods: PhysBlockWritesDisplayToLogical(), PhysBlockWritesGet(), PhysBlockWritesIsValid(), PhysBlockWritesLogicalToDisplay(), PhysBlockWritesNormalize(), PhysBlockWritesSet(), PhysBlockWritesXSDToLogical()
property RefLocal as %Integer;
Local global references. The count of all global accesses to a local database.
Property methods: RefLocalDisplayToLogical(), RefLocalGet(), RefLocalIsValid(), RefLocalLogicalToDisplay(), RefLocalNormalize(), RefLocalSet(), RefLocalXSDToLogical()
property RefPrivate as %Integer;
Private global references. The count of all process private global accesses.
Property methods: RefPrivateDisplayToLogical(), RefPrivateGet(), RefPrivateIsValid(), RefPrivateLogicalToDisplay(), RefPrivateNormalize(), RefPrivateSet(), RefPrivateXSDToLogical()
property RefRemote as %Integer;
Remote global references. The count of all global accesses to a remote database..
Property methods: RefRemoteDisplayToLogical(), RefRemoteGet(), RefRemoteIsValid(), RefRemoteLogicalToDisplay(), RefRemoteNormalize(), RefRemoteSet(), RefRemoteXSDToLogical()
property RefUpdateLocal as %Integer;
Local global update references. The count of local global references that are Sets, Kills, or $Increments.
Property methods: RefUpdateLocalDisplayToLogical(), RefUpdateLocalGet(), RefUpdateLocalIsValid(), RefUpdateLocalLogicalToDisplay(), RefUpdateLocalNormalize(), RefUpdateLocalSet(), RefUpdateLocalXSDToLogical()
property RefUpdatePrivate as %Integer;
Private global update references. The count of private global references that are Sets, Kills, or $Increments.
Property methods: RefUpdatePrivateDisplayToLogical(), RefUpdatePrivateGet(), RefUpdatePrivateIsValid(), RefUpdatePrivateLogicalToDisplay(), RefUpdatePrivateNormalize(), RefUpdatePrivateSet(), RefUpdatePrivateXSDToLogical()
property RefUpdateRemote as %Integer;
Remote global update references. The count of remote global references that are Sets, Kills, or $Increments.
Property methods: RefUpdateRemoteDisplayToLogical(), RefUpdateRemoteGet(), RefUpdateRemoteIsValid(), RefUpdateRemoteLogicalToDisplay(), RefUpdateRemoteNormalize(), RefUpdateRemoteSet(), RefUpdateRemoteXSDToLogical()
property ThrottleCnt as %Integer;
Global Throttle Count. The number of jobs required to wait for the throttle on this configuration.
Property methods: ThrottleCntDisplayToLogical(), ThrottleCntGet(), ThrottleCntIsValid(), ThrottleCntLogicalToDisplay(), ThrottleCntNormalize(), ThrottleCntSet(), ThrottleCntXSDToLogical()
property ThrottleCur as %Integer;
Global Throttle Current. The number of jobs currently counted as 'in global' for this configuration.
Property methods: ThrottleCurDisplayToLogical(), ThrottleCurGet(), ThrottleCurIsValid(), ThrottleCurLogicalToDisplay(), ThrottleCurNormalize(), ThrottleCurSet(), ThrottleCurXSDToLogical()
property ThrottleMax as %Integer;
Global Throttle Maximum. The maximum number of jobs to allow 'in global' on this configuration.
Property methods: ThrottleMaxDisplayToLogical(), ThrottleMaxGet(), ThrottleMaxIsValid(), ThrottleMaxLogicalToDisplay(), ThrottleMaxNormalize(), ThrottleMaxSet(), ThrottleMaxXSDToLogical()
property UpdateCnt as %Integer;
Global Update Count. The number of users currently doing global updates (ijucnt) in this configuration.
Property methods: UpdateCntDisplayToLogical(), UpdateCntGet(), UpdateCntIsValid(), UpdateCntLogicalToDisplay(), UpdateCntNormalize(), UpdateCntSet(), UpdateCntXSDToLogical()
property UpdateLock as %Boolean;
Global Update Lock. An indicator that the Write Demon has suspended global updates (1/0) in this configuration.
Property methods: UpdateLockDisplayToLogical(), UpdateLockGet(), UpdateLockIsValid(), UpdateLockLogicalToDisplay(), UpdateLockLogicalToXSD(), UpdateLockNormalize(), UpdateLockSet(), UpdateLockXSDToLogical()
property WDQueueSize as %Integer;
The number of blocks waiting to be written by the Write Daemon
Property methods: WDQueueSizeDisplayToLogical(), WDQueueSizeGet(), WDQueueSizeIsValid(), WDQueueSizeLogicalToDisplay(), WDQueueSizeNormalize(), WDQueueSizeSet(), WDQueueSizeXSDToLogical()
property WDWake as %Integer;
Indicates whether the system Write Daemon is running ('1') or not ('0')
Property methods: WDWakeDisplayToLogical(), WDWakeGet(), WDWakeIsValid(), WDWakeLogicalToDisplay(), WDWakeNormalize(), WDWakeSet(), WDWakeXSDToLogical()
property WIJWrites as %Integer;
Physical writes to the write image journal
Property methods: WIJWritesDisplayToLogical(), WIJWritesGet(), WIJWritesIsValid(), WIJWritesLogicalToDisplay(), WIJWritesNormalize(), WIJWritesSet(), WIJWritesXSDToLogical()


classmethod Sample() as SYS.Stats.Global
Instantiate the class and fill in current values for all properties.


query ByDatabase(Names As %List = "")
Selects Database As %String, PhysBlockReads As %Integer, PhysBlockWrites As %Integer
Fetch PhysBlockReads and PhysBlockWrites collected for each Cache database.

You may pass a $LIST of databases (directories) in 'Names' to select specific databases.

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