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class SYS.Stats.Disk extends SYS.WSMon.wsResource

DEPRECATED: the system no longer captures the statistics that this class represents. All values will report zero.

This class represents detailed system metrics captured for global disk activity. Each property is a different metric. A class may be instantiated by calling the class method 'Sample', and then the current value of each property can be accessed.

For example:

  s ref=##class(SYS.Stats.Disk).Sample()
  w ref.LogDir ; display number of logical reads for directory blocks

Note that in the ^GLOSTAT utility, the numbers displayed as "Logical Block Requests" are the total of Logical Reads and Physical Reads for a category. Individual counts for disk blocks read and written

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property LogBdata as %Integer;
Logical reads of Big Data blocks.
Property methods: LogBdataDisplayToLogical(), LogBdataGet(), LogBdataIsValid(), LogBdataLogicalToDisplay(), LogBdataNormalize(), LogBdataSet(), LogBdataXSDToLogical()
property LogBptr as %Integer;
Logical reads of Bottom-level Pointer blocks.
Property methods: LogBptrDisplayToLogical(), LogBptrGet(), LogBptrIsValid(), LogBptrLogicalToDisplay(), LogBptrNormalize(), LogBptrSet(), LogBptrXSDToLogical()
property LogData as %Integer;
Logical reads of Data & Big String Data blocks.
Property methods: LogDataDisplayToLogical(), LogDataGet(), LogDataIsValid(), LogDataLogicalToDisplay(), LogDataNormalize(), LogDataSet(), LogDataXSDToLogical()
property LogDir as %Integer;
Logical reads of Global Directory blocks.
Property methods: LogDirDisplayToLogical(), LogDirGet(), LogDirIsValid(), LogDirLogicalToDisplay(), LogDirNormalize(), LogDirSet(), LogDirXSDToLogical()
property LogMap as %Integer;
Logical reads of Map blocks.
Property methods: LogMapDisplayToLogical(), LogMapGet(), LogMapIsValid(), LogMapLogicalToDisplay(), LogMapNormalize(), LogMapSet(), LogMapXSDToLogical()
property LogOther as %Integer;
Logical reads of Other blocks (may include incremental backup or storage allocation information).
Property methods: LogOtherDisplayToLogical(), LogOtherGet(), LogOtherIsValid(), LogOtherLogicalToDisplay(), LogOtherNormalize(), LogOtherSet(), LogOtherXSDToLogical()
property LogUptr as %Integer;
Logical reads of Upper-level Pointer blocks.
Property methods: LogUptrDisplayToLogical(), LogUptrGet(), LogUptrIsValid(), LogUptrLogicalToDisplay(), LogUptrNormalize(), LogUptrSet(), LogUptrXSDToLogical()
property PhyBdataRd as %Integer;
Physical reads of Big Data blocks.
Property methods: PhyBdataRdDisplayToLogical(), PhyBdataRdGet(), PhyBdataRdIsValid(), PhyBdataRdLogicalToDisplay(), PhyBdataRdNormalize(), PhyBdataRdSet(), PhyBdataRdXSDToLogical()
property PhyBdataWt as %Integer;
Physical writes of Big Data blocks.
Property methods: PhyBdataWtDisplayToLogical(), PhyBdataWtGet(), PhyBdataWtIsValid(), PhyBdataWtLogicalToDisplay(), PhyBdataWtNormalize(), PhyBdataWtSet(), PhyBdataWtXSDToLogical()
property PhyBptrRd as %Integer;
Physical reads of Bottom-level Pointer blocks.
Property methods: PhyBptrRdDisplayToLogical(), PhyBptrRdGet(), PhyBptrRdIsValid(), PhyBptrRdLogicalToDisplay(), PhyBptrRdNormalize(), PhyBptrRdSet(), PhyBptrRdXSDToLogical()
property PhyBptrWt as %Integer;
Physical writes of Bottom-level Pointer blocks.
Property methods: PhyBptrWtDisplayToLogical(), PhyBptrWtGet(), PhyBptrWtIsValid(), PhyBptrWtLogicalToDisplay(), PhyBptrWtNormalize(), PhyBptrWtSet(), PhyBptrWtXSDToLogical()
property PhyDataRd as %Integer;
Physical reads of Data & Big String Data blocks.
Property methods: PhyDataRdDisplayToLogical(), PhyDataRdGet(), PhyDataRdIsValid(), PhyDataRdLogicalToDisplay(), PhyDataRdNormalize(), PhyDataRdSet(), PhyDataRdXSDToLogical()
property PhyDataWt as %Integer;
Physical writes of Data & Big String Data blocks.
Property methods: PhyDataWtDisplayToLogical(), PhyDataWtGet(), PhyDataWtIsValid(), PhyDataWtLogicalToDisplay(), PhyDataWtNormalize(), PhyDataWtSet(), PhyDataWtXSDToLogical()
property PhyDirRd as %Integer;
Physical reads of Global Directory blocks.
Property methods: PhyDirRdDisplayToLogical(), PhyDirRdGet(), PhyDirRdIsValid(), PhyDirRdLogicalToDisplay(), PhyDirRdNormalize(), PhyDirRdSet(), PhyDirRdXSDToLogical()
property PhyDirWt as %Integer;
Physical writes of Global Directory blocks.
Property methods: PhyDirWtDisplayToLogical(), PhyDirWtGet(), PhyDirWtIsValid(), PhyDirWtLogicalToDisplay(), PhyDirWtNormalize(), PhyDirWtSet(), PhyDirWtXSDToLogical()
property PhyMapRd as %Integer;
Physical reads of Map blocks.
Property methods: PhyMapRdDisplayToLogical(), PhyMapRdGet(), PhyMapRdIsValid(), PhyMapRdLogicalToDisplay(), PhyMapRdNormalize(), PhyMapRdSet(), PhyMapRdXSDToLogical()
property PhyMapWt as %Integer;
Physical writes of Map blocks.
Property methods: PhyMapWtDisplayToLogical(), PhyMapWtGet(), PhyMapWtIsValid(), PhyMapWtLogicalToDisplay(), PhyMapWtNormalize(), PhyMapWtSet(), PhyMapWtXSDToLogical()
property PhyOtherRd as %Integer;
Physical reads of Other blocks.
Property methods: PhyOtherRdDisplayToLogical(), PhyOtherRdGet(), PhyOtherRdIsValid(), PhyOtherRdLogicalToDisplay(), PhyOtherRdNormalize(), PhyOtherRdSet(), PhyOtherRdXSDToLogical()
property PhyOtherWt as %Integer;
Physical writes of Other blocks.
Property methods: PhyOtherWtDisplayToLogical(), PhyOtherWtGet(), PhyOtherWtIsValid(), PhyOtherWtLogicalToDisplay(), PhyOtherWtNormalize(), PhyOtherWtSet(), PhyOtherWtXSDToLogical()
property PhyUptrRd as %Integer;
Physical reads of Upper-level Pointer blocks.
Property methods: PhyUptrRdDisplayToLogical(), PhyUptrRdGet(), PhyUptrRdIsValid(), PhyUptrRdLogicalToDisplay(), PhyUptrRdNormalize(), PhyUptrRdSet(), PhyUptrRdXSDToLogical()
property PhyUptrWt as %Integer;
Physical writes of Upper-level Pointer blocks
Property methods: PhyUptrWtDisplayToLogical(), PhyUptrWtGet(), PhyUptrWtIsValid(), PhyUptrWtLogicalToDisplay(), PhyUptrWtNormalize(), PhyUptrWtSet(), PhyUptrWtXSDToLogical()


classmethod Sample() as SYS.Stats.Disk
Instantiate the class and fill in current values for all properties.

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